We bake delicious cakes, tarts and treats

With Emphasis on quality & freshness

Cakes Tarts & Treats – Art never tasted this good

We take pride in bringing you some of the most delectable home baked goods, from recipes that have been passed through generations, tried & tested until perfection. Loved by many, it is with great excitement that we can now offer delivery of our Cakes Tarts & Treats to your doorstep.

From home baked delicious Vanilla Custard Tarts consisting out of the pure Vanilla Pod’s imported from Mexico. The one and only Vanilla & Chocolate Rings, freshly baked mixed berry & coffee Nutella muffins to freshly baked cookies. Did I mention a Carrot cake & Lemon Meringue to die for? We have it all! We also offer cupcakes , tarts and cakes for all different occassions.

Large Chocolate Ring - Cakes Tarts & Treats   Mini Vanilla Ring - Cakes Tarts & Treats

Large Chocolate Ring & Mini Vanilla Rings … life’s guilty pleasures simply served up, or life’s simple pleasures maybe with a little guilt. Whichever way you choose to look at it, this Chocolate Ring & Vanilla Ring treat is a winner!

Vanilla Custard Tart - Cakes Tarts & Treats vanilla custard tart - Cakes Tarts & Treats

The beautiful thing about our Custard Vanilla Tart, other than having a pure love for baking them & putting together of course. Our Vanilla Pods are imprted from Mexico & only natural ingrediants are used!

Lemon Meringue - Cakes Tarts & Treats       Mixed Berry and Nut Muffin - Cakes Tarts & Treats

We can supply birthday Cakes for that special day in your childerns lives. a Day they will not forget.
Baby Shower cakes to make your day that much more memorable.

Happy December & Festive season to everyone! Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to really celebrate all of the wonderful seasonal produce available to us. Tarts are a great way to showcase both savory and sweet ingredients; they can serve as appetizers, side dishes or desserts. Perfect for holiday entertaining!

Our Cakes Tarts & Treat’s are filled with the culinary equivalent of a lovely long hug. We supply every kind of hunger and sweet tooth craving (from sweet breakfast treats to the best tarts and cakes one can bake), each with a unique although modern twist.